CLASH members finally need to stop being patronized

You literally get immunity to moderation (unless you did something really bad) on the official discord server, plus other people treat whoever has the “[CLASH]” tag after their name like a god which needs special VVIP treatment.

One thing that makes a good online game is fair moderation that treats everyone EQUALLY.

I agree, special treatment for different players isn’t fair.

which clash member got immunity?

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Every. single. one. Be a member of CLASH and LMO won’t give a crap about what you do on the discord.

? There’s literally clash members who are perma banned on the discord. Which member specifically?


The best answer to give is if you think a moderator is abusing their power in any way, report them to, not the forums. If they too think there is an issue, they’ll handle it there. I disagree with the statement myself though.


Ahh yes, the brick wall you can yell at. They didn’t respond to 80% of my requests.

They’ll still read it though. A response isn’t exactly helpful either, especially when the words could be interpreted differently (ie. “Thanks for the report!” could mean both “We appreciate the concern” or “We’ve handled the situation, thanks for notifying us” or many other statements, this is just an example with this message) depending on who reads it.


Have you ever thought of the possibility that the reason for that is not the support, but the nature of your requests?


How is this “bad nature”?

Not even worth arguing, your complaint is objectively false.

Haven’t seen this happen.

Not really. Also how could you have observed that when you are banned?

But yes alot of people have been complaining about the moderation which seems like it needs admins’ attention.

Henl0. I’d like you to justify one of your many complaints using actual logic. Here’s a list of the Clash clan members and some quick notes I’ve filled in. Perhaps you could finish this list explaining how clash members are immune to bans. Why should all of these members be banned? Stupid thread but I’m excited for your genius reply. Make sure to use the format below.

LMO - mod

Quqqo - mod

Sieggy -

Citrina - mod

Append -

Kaluub -

Dev - admin

Zithii -

Bassel - not active

Bassem - not active

Lokalapsi - admin

JackByrne- not in pw discord

Garg0yle -

FarmMiner -

MaskedMan2 -

Blackwight - mod

Yjust -

Edwardson -

Catanic -

New10 -

osshawott -

SubOliverJ -

smile70 - Permanently banned from pw server

Games12 -


Customise -

meyz -

Drunkhunter -

Vnaitor -

Starfire1174 - mod

PaterLuksinton -

Drewan -

VIad -

Simon- -

Mousy333123 -

BillyproYT -

Movici -

Fyn -

ionas - mod

Orawor12345 -

Mythica -

YashTanna -

Froji -

Fazeus -

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What I want is to finally get an appeal chance for the discord. But no, I deserved it…

That’s irrelevant to my message? Re-read and reply accordingly.

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Hold on, why was @smile70 permabanned again? I didn’t think he’d come to this kind of state…

Nobody knows, LMO likes to never explain his actions.

Just got 6 strikes by vortex, nothing incredible.

Why would LMO tell YOU why I got banned?

So 6 strikes is the limit…

They never told me why I got banned, they most likely never told you why you got banned too.