Classic Fishing bug + Windows version bug

When I’m fishing sometimes I cant chat, press buttons or anything and when the fish is on the hook I cant reel -
The only way to fix it is

  • to let the fishing meter go up (It won’t catch even if you press enter)
    Let the bar go down and go up again (Enter MIGHT work this time)
    -After the fish is caught, you need to press the chat button or you literally can’t walk, talk or go to any menus
    -Closing the game fixes it
    I don’t know if this is a hotkey bug or something but I had this issue on all devices, since the fishing update first came out and I see nobody else talking about it.
    Trigger may have to do with enter, spacebar, or chat button

Second bug: In WINDOWS STORE version only, UI is simply messed up, and here is an image to show.

Not only that but when you use the windowed version in settings, it will put it back on fullscreen after restarting the game, so you’re forced to go in the settings every single time

I’ve been reporting these bugs for months in discord. Every version I hope to see it fixed but that time never comes.


Same! Fishing sometimes requires me pressing space or something multiple times to activate the strike even tho it should only be 1 press.


Bump. Clearly need to see if other people experience this.

I forgot that it’s like that for me as well sometimes.

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I have got the same issue as the second bug in mobile too (before the update comes). Also I have to go to the setting and then clear data first to fix it

How? Mobile is always fullscreen lol

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I have no idea LOL maybe because before I log to mobile I got the bug in my pc on windows store version (I forgot something important, in my case here, only the UI is messed but it’s fixed by clearing pixel worlds data in my phone).

Does the fishing bug occur on mobile platforms? You’re talking about hotkeys and enter, so I assume that the chat has something to do with it. I’m afraid that this is something that would require precise steps so it could be reproduced. Unfortunately it seems “random” as well. I have my suspicions that have to do with a Unity plugin. Desktop platforms have been having some issues with the input fields for a good while. I don’t think I’ve personally encountered this on mobile at all.

The UI thing would require some details. Do you have a multi-monitor setup, what’s your screen resolution and what’s the game resolution? The game UI goes bonkers when you try to resize the window and it simply can’t handle this. The free resize can’t be prevented on the WSA version, so the game has to reload when it detects this. A restart should fix the UI offsets but obviously doesn’t every time. It might be that the resolution list has resolutions that aren’t supported by one reason or another or Unity doesn’t read the situation correctly. It might also be that some resolutions aren’t supported for full screen or windowed mode.

So, please let us know the setup that causes this behavior: Which resolution is the screen, which resolution does the game show in the display settings and what kind of settings you are trying to set.

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The UI thing happens for me if I use any resolution apart from the native resolution on the windows store version.

The UI thing happens when you have max resolution of your monitor(for me it’s 1280x1024) and then change it to Windowed mode or/and resolution to something else or/and changing it manually while windowed mode. 100% will make bug

It happens after using safe/quamtumsafe and fish.

It would instantly make it back to fullscreen after restarting the game, on no matter what resolution (only on windows store version)

The fishing bug does occur on all platforms. Chatting or the reeling in button may have something to do with the trigger.

Once it happens, every single UI just doesn’t work. I can spam click chat or menu and it will have the darkened effect as if I press it but nothing happens.
Important note:
I often find myself trying to talk to someone while fishing, but instead of enter opening up chat, it makes me lose my bait.
During times like this is when the glitch is most prevalent.

Which one are you referring to?