Clickbait is the only way for success in PIXEL WORLDS YT

Like ive seen better quality videos than mine getting minimal views but they are original ideas and the editing and everything is better but they didn’t have a clickbait thumbnail.

In other games you don’t have to clickbait but because not many people watch pw yt now its impossible to get alot of subs + views and a fanbase.

Sure you can clickbait yourself to victory, but where will the respect be? Would this sound good to you? “Ohh he’s the click baiter!” Clickbait may get you views but respect and reputation can only be earned through hard and valued work. The very thing we value in life most is respect, it is more valuable than a person’s life, because even if they die, people will backbite them alot, what will be upon their family upon hearing? After retiring would you like people to say “hehe couldn’t clickbait more views lmao”?

Clickbait may be a way to success, but it is one that you have to sacrifice the most in, you have to sacrifice your soul
-Tellcode in 2019.

In my eyes, anything like these are generally won by durability, like how the metal gear rising developers stated that Sam could’ve won the fight to armstrong but only if he had made it a fight of durability instead of trying to finish him off so fast.
Be resilient. Technoblade didn’t earn his name for nothing.

Don’t try to make content fast, the Pixel Worlds Youtube fanbase is slow, it’s a fact, you have to make content slowly even if you got it stockpiked up for uploading right away, make it slowly, but with better quality.

Hope you understood something.


That’s how youtube platform works nowadays, if you want higher viewer numbers then just go for clickbaiting.


Every video is higher quality. You don’t edit, you don’t make good thumbnails, you don’t make original content, but you make clickbait titles. Jeez, in your old videos they have pictures of Jake in them when it’s not even related to him. 0 effort. We gave you many Ideas to improve upon, and yet you don’t listen. Guess what? Original content people haven’t seen before, or an idea incorporated into pw makes them more interested into you and your content. Clickbaiting won’t give the respect you think it will. Clickbaiting will just make sure you get a special hating spot on twitter. Trust me man, a guy once clickbaited and got perma IP banned from creating new YT accounts, and now people all over Youtube, Insta, Twitter, and even Snap are celebrating.

“omg guys hugeeeee scam fail did i get scammed :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:” Pw content is like rich=famous. You dont get unfluencer status by actually doing good content but promising items at a given milestone lmao

this thumbnail i made is 100 percent better than yours. anyone else agree?


This thumbnail easily gets the thumbnail of the century award, it has so much meaning in it it made me tear and shat myself from the greatness of this masterpiece


I think most YouTubers who clickbait videos have no community at all. Because getting views and subscribers might be easy going that specific route, but actual people that support your channel, that’s a different story. It takes a lot of dedication to build something like PewDiePie did. It speaks volumes when it comes to the charity work that he involves his community working together to accomplish set goals.


then what is this…
(its not a video lol)

This was an actual video, it was posted by Kaizoid but then removed the video from YT and deleted the forums post because of how much people made fun of it.

Did you really understand the context?
He means to say “other videos which have good quality, are unique and do not have a clickbaity thumbnail which’ve gotten minimal views”

And I am referring to vanoyt :confused:

Oh lmao mb

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Is this what you tell yourself to keep continuing with your clickbait?

The reason PW YT isn’t doing well is because the content is boring. Most of the times, it’s just “how to profit” or “i made xxxx amount of money” with a bunch of :scream: :scream: :scream: emoji. This includes the other variant of the whole “i profit xxxx from trade” and the like. There’s no interesting content. It’s just the same thing, over and over again.


Make unique content, get respect, rise to oblivion.
That’s the grindset.

I recommend you respect the hustle


is that an actual video because the thumbnail looks good and ill watch it

Who do you mean it looks GOOD, it’s the best thumbnail I’ve ever seen!