Please delete it…

Remove name as that is still naming and shaming.
I actually agree with the idea of including the name for people to be aware, but rules.

like what Commanderder said, there’s really no need for you to mention the hacker’s name, even if you want to spread awareness.

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Summoning can give you free access if you just used hacks? does the person got any access? if no, then this is another malicious hacks and should be noticed directly. i bet the hacker was one of your friends usings alts or its main account?

contact: support@kukouri.com and tell everything about it.
we cant help you in the forums but thankfully you have spread awareness.

Hopefully you could recover back all your items. and oh btw.
Good Luck!

My brother saw it first while i was cooking for his breakfast, I ask him to fish and ask me to borrow my Bytie and ask me why he has no access in my world, then i check the world and the hacker was accessed, so i removed

i can tell your brother is something to do with this.


Personal Tip: Never lend your account an items, even your family members.