Collecting items and/or gems freezes the game

Whenever you collect an item or gems, the game will freeze up temporarily (I’ve asked a few friends, and it’s happened to them as well). I’ve tried with both Steam and Microsoft Store version, either will freeze (the Steam version even crashed from it). Lowering any of the display settings does not help either, further proving that this occurs from collecting the items. This is most noticeable when making a pile of gems using Nether Crystals and proceeding to collect it.

Well I don’t know what’s wrong with it because everything works fine for me, have you tried to reinstall the game?

No, but considering it’s occurred to several of my friends, I doubt a reinstall is going to fix it.

No idea what can be wrong with it, reinstall most likely won’t fix it but it’s worth give it a try, if you won’t get any help at the forums I would suggest you to ask Jake on his stream about it or send email to the support.

That’s why I’m posting it here, so a developer can see it and/or have it be fixed in future updates (there’s a Bugs Megathread to see what gets fixed each update).

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That makes sense, I’m just not sure what it really can be if it happened just to you and bunch of your friends and maybe some other people anyways good luck with this.

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get better pc B)
(20 character)

not happening to me
when taking blocks not crash

Only started happening this update, and never before, I’ll create a video example

Here is a video example of the bug taking effect: