Color-o-mat bug

When you speed up the production of something, a small version of the pop up stays frozen on your screen and doesn’t go away unless you leave the world.

this isn’t only a color-o-mat related issue, it’s got something to do with the way their ui’s work. it has happened with lots of different ui’s.

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Any idea how to reproduce this bug? There was a similar bug in the menu that was fixed earlier but I guess this is different, then.

I tried a few times and couldn’t replicate it then it happened again randomly after so I really don’t know.

as far as it goes, it seems to happen when trying to close the ui at the same time when it updates or something related to that.

This also happened to me some long time ago, I that it only happens when you want to craft something and you are in rush so you click on everything really fast.

I think that it could be redone this way.