Coming back to pw after 4ish years

So a few days ago I saw an ad about PW so I decided to download it just to see just how much it had changed over the years. A lot it seems. And tbh it almost doesn’t feel like the same game anymore.
I’ve played PW for good few hours now and honestly I’m very lost. So any tips or guides for a “newbie” in late 2021?

I also remembered my account credentials so I at least still have my old account.

Before anyone ask why I don’t go on Youtube and search for videos on this topic. I prefer using forums cause most of the time people here are more knowledgeable.


If you want to succeed with making a lot of profit mining is the way. You can also go fishing which is just relaxing but mining is the way to go.
If you chose to mine the way you make profit is you buy for example 3 level 2 keys which cost around 450 bytes and when you do all of them 100% (you dont really have to ne doing them at 100% but as long you get over 65 nuggets its good)
You make 2 level 3 keys which you can sell for 950. So basically the more keys the better. If you go for fishing you will need lures and the way you profit with fishing is by selling f-gems.
The “f” stands for Fish btw
And also workd locks are untredable which makes byte coins the main currency

I’m working as professional potatoe and make around 1000-100000bc every day, so try working as potatoe, you’re gonna start as rookie though.

So mining huh… What do I need to get started?
Also you can’t believe the dumb look on my face when i went to buy BBB with wls and the guy tells me that I need byte coins cause wls are untradeable xD.
Btw is farming worth it nowadays?

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No farming is not worth it

Aw that sucks. I used to farm a metric heck ton of BBB back when i used to play and thats what I’ve been doing for past few days xD.
I remember farming being one of the best ways to get stuff back in 2016.
Is it not worth it cause mining is more efficient? Or do people not buy farmables as much as they did back then?

Unfortunately fishing and mining are the only good ways for profit
Btw if you want to start with mining just go to PIXELMINES and buy a crappy pickaxe and start grinding level 1. Just remember you will need repair kits and you can also upgreade your pickaxe from the NPC on the right side of the world. New players get the pickaxe for free while if you are with an old account you will have to buy it for 2k gems

Alright so mining it is then. Thanks for the help!

Nice to see someone return to pw after these years!

Pw has changed a lot over these years.

Also we have now good game designer who listen’s to community and knows what’s good for the game, aka Jake.

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Oh, my friend, you’re in for a wild ride once more! The game has grown and become much more convenient. Don’t worry, it’s not as complex as it appears. So the so-called “newbie guide” isn’t so “newbie” after all, because everyone, including “professional players,” must go through it even if they’re well-off monetarily and so on. As a beginner, you can fish, mine, beat nether worlds, and so on. Now, I’d recommend going fishing because it’s stress-free (at times), and you can do it for free if you go to the Shop → Packs → Fishing, and the rest is self-explanatory. (I’m not sure if it’s free in your shop because your account is 4 years old after all), but if it isn’t, you could always try it on an alt account for free and donate the Rod to your main after you’re comfortable with it. Furthermore, tutorials for fishing are available on several websites.

P.S: You could also hit me up in game (WORLD: XZ16) if you need anything :heart:

Refer to:

Best fishing guide. : PixelWorlds (

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Seems like I gotta try fishing then :sweat_smile:. Thank for the very thorough explanation.
And I’ll definitely visit your world at some point tomorrow.
It’s 11.21pm atm…

Try fishing at NEO : D

Also here’s my guide although dsh may be interchangeable with strike hat if carbon (doubt tho)


Glad to hear that, have a good night!

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So does that mean it is Jake who picks what gets and what doesn’t get in the game now?

why’re you confused?

Since nobody is mentioning other features aside from mining and fishing, I’ll go ahead and bring some up since those are simply not everything the game has to offer.

You can get a dog, cat or slime pet. They’re pretty fun. You should consider getting one, it’s 10,000 gems from the shop. You’ll need to actively take care of your pet, such as keeping it clean, feeding it & keeping it obedient. You can send the pets for adventures, and it’ll bring back various rewards.

Clans are, well, clans. You could join an existing clan or create your own. You’ll get access to a special clan chat, as well as personal clan perks which could do things such as bonus netherworld gems, bonus EXP gain, more PWE slots, etc. Alongside this, you’ll be able to do clan quests, which are similar to daily quests (since you may not know what those are, check out PIXELSTATION!).

Jet race:
Jet race is a fun parkour-based dungeon where you and up to 9 others will get to race using jets. You’ll be able to craft cooler mounts & obtain special clothing. It’s a pretty fun way to use the gems.

While this isn’t even close to everything, you should check out all the NPCs in PIXELSTATION to learn more about the game, as well as the achievements to perhaps try to get some of them. And lastly, there’s always the wiki you could check out.

Since Kaluub is lying to himself I will explain everything in its true form
Pets: They are fun for a few days after that they get boring as hell since you need to check on them every 1-3 hours otherwise you will get punished extremely hard (Their obedience will drop way too much and they will get sick!)

Clans: You would think people make/join clans to have fun with others and engage in activities with their clan members, 99% of the time its just a soulless hive, donate x amounts of gems/exp daily and be active. But what if you are inactive or dont donate gems due to something more important happening irl? You get kicked and all your progress will be lost ofc :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
(The 1% of clans are fun like mine, mine is the best clan :slightly_smiling_face:)

Jet race: Don’t do it, Its annoying and not fun at all
Waste of time and gems
most of the time you get gears that you will never ever use (I trashed 64 golden gears not so long ago because they were a waste of space :star_struck:)

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:thinking: You’re able to have your own opinion but you shouldn’t say I’m lying to myself considering I enjoy all these features (also, you don’t need to check pets once every 1-3 hours, only like 2 times a day)

Just like Kaluub said, anyone can have their own opinion. This part is unneeded. The world doesn’t evolve around your one opinion.