Communism in PW try 2


Group profit try 2.

Sign up below.

How it works
Everyone shares the stuff
Supreme leader and the council will decide ur fate(Both are voted in)
Everybody has to wear the same hat(according to ur jobs)
At the end, everyone takes home bc according to how much they worked
New accounts

Everyone has to have [CRPW] in name E.G Desti[CRPW]
CRPW Stands for the Communist Republic of Pixel Worlds

Lets start a revolution in game

From now, Applications are available through this form here


Wait so, specifically what do we have to do???

Work together and profit, share things like keys, gear, bytes etc
Slowly taking over the entire game.

Also i want to make a clan full of people for this lol

Oh okay, I am good at this thing sort of, I can join

Nice. We need more people tho lol

Current members:


I already made my account btw. What number of players you are trying to achieve?

As many as possible on these forums…

The more the merrier!

Oh ok

I can create new acc for that :wink: sound “fun”

Btw mssg me on discord when you will start it

Oh yeah…can i add you on dc

I am making a discord server of this. Just tell me the usernames to send an invite

Seems fun! I like to join :slight_smile:

I might as well join but im not sure how much i am willing to work due to school.

Hmmmm… communism you say

Yeah I could join too but I’m not really that active on pw currently but why not

@Greenwolfe ?

Let me join daddy :roll_eyes:sooo silly


Need as much players as we can get :DDDD

is dev going to be communist?