Community assets and policy for their use

Kukouri video, music and art policy
We want to support our community to make videos, music and art using Kukouri’s game content. You can publish these in your website, YouTube or other content sharing services. You cannot take assets from Kukouri’s games or social medias such as music, videos, art or sounds and distribute them separately.

The content you create must be non-commercial content only. This means that you cannot charge anyone to access these creations. You also cannot lisence, sell or get any kind of payment from your content if they contain our assets.

Monetizing your content via YouTube partner program or other similar services is allowed. If these services require for you prove your rights to publish content related to Kukouri’s products please point them to this post.

This policy applies only to Kukouri’s content. If you are using other peoples assets as well you need to make sure that you have rights from them as well.

Assets download link: