Community Creation: World lock seed

Drops from world lock 1/50 chance
Takes 70 days to grow
UR Rarity
When grown and hit, drops 1wl (2 if you’re very lucky)
Grows faster the more locks in the world (Except Decayed)

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Um. No. You could continuously break world locks to get them. 5 days for a world lock to grow is too little of time for wls

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it has to be take 100 days to grow xD

like glitch seed

It should be infinity time to grow. That way it doesn’t affect the economy or something like that.


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No Growtopia please!

Everyone: Time to farm wls!


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stuff like this ruined growtopia wl farming is a very bad idea also the size of your seed doesn’t make sense it’s something like 25 x 25 pixels seeds are supposed to be about 6 x 10 pixels it’s like drawing a block 100 pixels wide