Congratulations Sieggy!

Don’t know if you heard but @Sieggy is one of the richest players in the game rn!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:


Please don’t reply with negativity on my thread. This is a celebration of what Sieggy has done, not you.


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Congratulations to @Fake-Siethy for having those many Locks.
I smell the thread’s getting dramatic and should bring peace into it. :v:

I heard Sieggy is another forumer/discorder who is toxic,
(I heard it from someone at forums, dosent mean I see him toxic because I don’t know him.)

Keep the volume down. And let him be.

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im still assuming this whole thing is a troll cause I doubt theres a guy with over 200 days of pw on steam that has children and a wife and is this immature


No one cant beat janski1 yet;D

topic trolling is no joke, dinonose.


Hey @Sieggy :heart:

  • Thank you so much for the mining update! :pick:
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well, thank the developers for considering adding a suggested feature, but otherwise you’re welcome

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Atleast know we know that developement is Even adding “Features” suggested by Community not only items

would like something to change sets quicker like a box. Ýou can have up to 5 sets or something and upgrade it over time

I love this thread, pure entertainment.


If what youre suggesting is something to quickly change everything youre wearing easily to a set outfit, cant you just use mannequins

when you have to many sets for fishing, mining, armor and other stuff. It can sometime be hard to keep track maybe it’s just me

I mean I dunno how a box to change sets could be that much better than a mannequin since with mannequins you can just see the set right away and choose which to put on whereas with a box I assume youd have to use a wrench tool to see what sets are attached to that box

Siethy that I know isn’t really like this

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Siethy has a wife named Helena or something, I’ve known him

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dear lord (20 characters)