Contests and Leaderboards extended

Leaderboards and contests extended.

(inner monologue: augh I have to use my 0 IQ brain even harder to explain this)

Contests extended.

With categories (like speedrunning categories). Variety. More options. More fun? Maybe.
All contests have a 90 day account age requirement + entry fee.

Fishing Tournaments

So there are fishing tournaments. Right? But there are no categories for different types of tournaments. Instead, they’re all practically the same. Yet each one is a different difficulty and time frame. In the end, each one wants players to catch the heaviest weighed fish in the game.

What about quantity and quality based tournaments? Highest total amount fish.
Baby Cup - Highest total amount of common and uncommon caught during tournament
Fisherman - Highest total amount of rare fish caught during the tournament
Pro - Highest total Ultra Rare and Legendary fish caught during the tournament
Nether, Deep Nether, and Secret Base
All difficulty is the same but with the different time frames contests and categories.

  • Fastest Time Completed “during the contest/tournament”
  • Highest amount of N, DN, and SB completed " "
  • Highest amount of enemies defeated
  • For Secret Base, Highest amount completed/bosses defeated (disconnecting after boss is defeated counts towards total completions " " just in case wi-fi cuts out or something)

PvP contest(s)
Not really good since it could essentially be abused by alt accounts unless a 90 day requirement + fee is added.

Basically there’s only 1 category and 3 time frames

  • Highest kills in total for each contest.


Leaderboards extended

All leaderboards are on public display in the Pixel Station.

All categories have their own leaderboards
Top 20 only.
Week, Month, All Time.

#1 ranking player in each category and gets the same benefits with all #1 players in other categories.
Week resets after a week in real world time. #1 keeps the benefits until after the reset
Month resets after a month. #1 keeps the benefits until after the reset.
All Time #1 category rankings are “indefinitely permanent” unless the player is “dethrone/contested”

Nether, Deep Nether, Secret Base, and PvP all lists the top ranking players username, their country flag, and the equipment set they use/used for most of the time.

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The fishing tournaments basically already work like that.
Cool Nether, Deep Nether, and Secret Base ideas.
PvP ehhh no, I want PvP tournaments like in a specific world not like just kill in a random world where an alt account gets killed.
These ideas are not bad.