Countries Battle Royale Player Event

come to nationroyale to play
you are a president of your country, you will start with a new account so everything will be equal at the start. i will be host of the world(the spawn area) so no one will lock everyone out. you will put one lock(medium or small). you will try to be richest among the other countries. you will farm anything you want and sell to other countries if they want.
buyable items from host:
white bricks 1 per 1bc.
doors:will be given to every player and there will be no price cut
small lock:will be given to everyone by host
medium lock:can be ORDERED to host
you can order anything to host(if host approves)(if country is democracy everyone will vote)
you can trade with other COMPETETORS
the amount of profit changes by your ideology

you must read every single rule before entering
i will make a live stream at youtube while playing with you guys

war 101

you need to go to empty pvp world with your enemy, you can have only 1 teammate with you
you need to record the war and send it to me as a dm(here)

peace conference 101

after the host sees the video there will be a peace conference
you can get some items from the losing team(the host will decide)
you can puppet the losing team(if winning team didn’t had a teammate

puppeting 101

a puppet cant declare war on anyone.
a puppet needs to pay their owner some amount of bc to their master to get independent(will be thought in peace conference with host)
puppets will buy anything from the host/other players with paying extra 5 bc

you can eliminate the person that lost and get the territory of the lost(if winner has a teammate they will give full acces to their teammate)

ruling ideology

++democracy(everything on your country will be decided by voting, cant declare war(if imperialist[check economic ideologies] this rule is removed)
++fascism(you only care about your country, ultra nationalist, can declare war without reason)
++communism(you care for everyone, ultra internationalism,can declare war without reason)

economic ideology

++imperialism(you can puppet countries and declare war on whoever you want)
**capitalism(open market, ultra profit and get tax for the things you sell/pay tax for the things you buy)
++liberalism(open market, price anything you want, same as capitalism but less profit)

how diplomacy works

you can be friend with other countries and you MUST open your doors for people to enter their countries while re-entering the world or you will pay 10bc as penalty for first time,15 bc for 2nd time, 20 bc for 3rd time and goes on.
also you can provide bc and items to your puppet or want them to give you some little amount of item and no bc. puppets must give full acces to their masters and masters can give minor rights if they want

difference between puppet countries and free countries

a puppet country is a free looking country but still get ruled by other country. like canada while it was a colony, it was under direct british rule.
a puppet country must ask their masters before doing ANYTHING
a free country is free to do anything they want if their ideology allows them to


Currently Open For Enterence Of Players, Just Write Down Your pw Name
Host:Me Ghost2130
Players:Again Me Ghost2130


This is interesting, but I think it would be too complicated for peoples to understand it

well some people already understood from my previous thread about the same thing but more complicated

edit: this will also be livestreamed so if you dont like being on cameras dont play :smiley:


your pixel worlds username please

also when you are free message me so you can put your lock

My user name is Tellcode and I am free rn

btw r u free too?
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anyone who wanna play come to nationroyale

I’ll be on in 30 min

alr tag me when you will be on so i will add you to lock

User: wafflelord122

Imma be on soon :wink:

can we do it like a hour later i will go to pool

nevermind free for 10 minutes rn

I’m also joining

alr if you are free coe to nationroyale with your alt account that has no item

tag me here when you come