CROW for wotw

World name: Crow
Ingame name: BogdanSrb
It’s a parkour and pixel art world


Better promote it on Instagram

The discord said to post entries here.

You can post entries here but instagram also has a good amount of people in it. He just means that this should be in the forums as well as Instagram.

Thanks for clarification Tellcode

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Yee I wanted to post it on Instagram too but have no account strictly for pixel world’s, might make 1

Kako ide srbe? Dobro je nazvan tvoj svijet

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Please use english here. Would be nice if you do it so everyone can understand you.

Aye pretty nice! I like the Itachi pixel art

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Goooogle translateeee

Google translate yes, but the forums is English mainly, english is a universal language that every country in the world atleast some people understand it rich or poor, to google translate it would increase our work and make us tire fast giving us less time in the forums.