CTALK RECAP #7 (Micro Battle, Duped Worlds, Dungeons/Clan Tournaments etc...)

Tada! Da recap is there!

(Premiere in 1h)

I feel like i should stop doing those threads i think… Might will do until #10 and then you should check every saturday on my channel if i’ve done them.


You should just create a locked thread or something like that where only you can post. That’ll be okay because we can still watch the Recaps without the need of a new thread every time.
Or maybe just create a normal public thread?

Please don’t stop doing these. I think these are interesting and they tell a lot info about future updates. I simply just can’t participade in every ctalk :slight_smile:

Well… i’m talking about threads, not videos.
I’ll try to keep making them every week but eventually, one day i might not be able to do it.

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Oooh alright, i just thought you were gonna stop make and upload videos.

Why would RetNos do that lol.
The videos do good on YouTube!