CTALK RECAP #8 (New Cadet?, Halloween Leaks/Ads, Friends Gifts etc...)

Weekly recap!

Tbh i will surely stop doing threads about it at the #10. You’ll have to check if i made it or not, usually i post them the Saturday 2pm UTC + 2


Wing: Kinda cool, but nothing that special
The crossbow: eh, doesn’t feel like good enough item for bundle but I bet its the cheapest bundle item

Tbh I like the box mask, it’s super cool and unique, I love it. The hammer, unsure, I like the green color but I hope it has a cool effect.

Witch set: It’s OK I guess, I don’t like the mask but the hat and flaming broom are pretty cool

Chainsaw: Ok I guess, again, nothing that special but it’s fine item
Eyes: Yep, definitely the coolest item so far. Love the design.

I hope, I REEEALLY HOPE that none of these are the black tower legendary items. I really hope the prize legendaries have super cool design and because they are the main point of halloween event if they are underwhelming the whole event will be.

To be honest, these items are good. Let’s not forget the fact that these were drawn by completely new artist and he/she definitely nailed the PW artstyle