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So everyone by now knows the currency of PW is byte coins, You buy items or sell them with byte coins, It was world locks before but it got changed.
Anyways, My suggestion is to bring back world locks to be tradable again and to be a main currency back, Why you may ask?
Byte coins conversion rate is 219 to 1wl, so It makes everything be in big numbers, Which could be confusing at times, Let’s take Black Emo Hair, It’s 700k Bytes at the moment of writing this, 700k Bytes is equivalent to 32PLs, 32PLs sounds better than 700k.
Thank you for listening to my suggestion!

I believe the admins already explained this years ago but I will do so here anyways. World locks caused inflation due to the fact that it is very easy to “print” them (buy them from the store) and very hard to take out of circulation. On the other hand, bytecoins are just as easy to print BUT there’s several “money pits” where the bytecoins get deleted, therefore taking those bytecoins out of circulation and preventing further inflation (some examples of these “money pits” are: superhero event, bytecoin store, and pwe commissions)

Calculators exist y’know. If you don’t want to use them you can just round 219 to 220 and do some epic heart-touching grass-eating ball-yeeting mathematiccs.

that isnt the main reason they changed to bc. they tried to stabilise the economy and well… you decide if it worked or not

same for bytes, you can buy them from the store for gems.
i think it had more to do with making the currency a unified system and to create a more unique economy, not so much them being “easy to print” and hard to burn.

it’s always been my standpoint though that making world locks untradeable was a bad decision only for two reasons though; one, the game is a sandbox and two, they ignored the majority.
it isn’t very sandbox-like to force the currency on players like they did and it isn’t very community to ignore the majority.
you could argue that they did what’s best for the game but i would argue that they could’ve achieved the same goal without the trade restriction.

I mean, the economy of world locks and byte coins before the change to wls being untradeable was crazy. One day the byte to wl ratio was 200/wl and the next 600/wl.

Yeah true, inflation is gonna happen more with wls due to it being hard to burn

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Yeah I remember prices were crazy with 2 currencies

It is pretty clear that locks were made untradeable as an attempt to cancel illegal trading, cancel p2p and to control the economy. But did it work? Absolutely not, things got times worse than how they used to be with locks. And don’t get me started with the cheap advantages Jake brought up to why locks should be untradeable, no one really got annoyed by those two always occupied inventory slots.
In conclusion, byte coins are worse than locks but because they weren’t handled correctly. The developers could have actually made them good if they gave people the time to prepare for it and introduced the byte coins store in the same update so no panic would have ever been created.

solution: make everything untradeable

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Also, Dracula Cape is now 400 million Byte Coins which are 1.600.000 World Locks or 16.000 Platinum Locks.

real easy to put in trade ngl

exactly, locks were capped at 999 but byte coins have no cap meaning the price could go to as high as possible without the need of adding items to the trade

Money is money

Locks are locks

Keep it that way …