Current views on your general experience in Pixel Worlds?

I’d like to hear about how players feel about the recent state of Pixel Worlds after more than half the team left. And in general, what players think should be done to improve their game-play.

I’d like to personally say, I believe there is still hope for the game to thrive, we simply, as the community of the game have to support it and stick together, and in return, give time for Pixel Worlds to get back on track after the loss of many important roles. I have hope in the game and I believe in time, Pixel Worlds will be back on track for the better.

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Well players should just hang out with each other more often. Without people to hang out fishing suddenly becomes fun, netherworlds more interesting and world cleaning/building even more.

Yeah I agree, socializing is a massive part of it. I often have short conversations with people while fishing as well. Also teaming up with others to do the nether is a good way to help out each other, meet new mates and have an interesting nether run.

Ah well, currently 3 out of the original 9 are still here, it’s pretty much all the game needs to necessarily optimize the game. bbricks is the junior developer. They’re still doing a great job keeping the game decently up to standards, however improvements can always be made.

bbricks, the junior developer, and the other two, which I’ve forgotten the names of, developing designs are still in the team.

At least a new pixel artist would have to be recruited to be able to at least add new items to the daily bonuses and seasonal events in order to keep a certain enthusiasm in the game but it does not seem to me that they intend to recruit some. I think Kukouri is now focussing on the pre-alpha of the new 3D game.

I think that in this situation, the best that could be done is to regularly ask the community to make pixel art on a theme, and to put best ones in the game, and not necessarily as extremely expensive community items

There are only four developers working for PW as of now: Lokalapsi, bbricks, Sinderella and PIXELLOX. Although Lokalapsi has been in the development team for a long time now, NONE of them are part of the original team.

Yeah I agree, I think there are a bunch of talented players out there from the player base who produce item ideas, and It could help out the team with ideas and new items to publish into the game.

Yes not part of the original, but they’re part of the current team and that’s all that matters, I think they’ll do just but I hope they have their enthusiasm like the old team

Well the team was grouped of 9 people total, and 6 of them have lately over time, had their leave in the game to move over to other projects.

Alright so after commander_k left, the 4 developers, endless, dev, midnightwalker and apoov left after him. And then Jake left. That’s the 6 out of the 9 from the main team that left, this left 3 out of 9 left from the main team, bbricks, the junior developer, Lokalapsi the Data Analyst, Pixellox the community manager and sinderella the graphical artist. I believe one of the 4 from which I just named joined the team recently.

You really do not understand do you? By original team we mean the team that brought life to PW for the first time, the other four developers were added during the course of time and they weren’t there before PW was launched. Also only Lokalapsi and Siskea were there before the original team left, bbricks and PIXELLOX were added to the new team later.

I was responding to Antonis asking about who the whole team was, I understood what you said, sorry about the misunderstanding.

I’m not informed enough about the historical periods of the first team and the joiners and leavers, I unfortunately only remember the team recently before and after the 6 leaving, leaving the current 4 in the team, sorry.