Describe a movie/anime title using emojis only

Hey , i’ll go first


:skull: :notebook_with_decorative_cover:


Death note?! (20 characters)

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here’s mine:

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:alien: :robot: :space_invader:

Pixels the movie (20 characters) @GreenBoi

No its Invader Zim! >:D

:1st_place_medal: :facepunch: :man:

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:rewind: :skull_and_crossbones::rewind: :skull_and_crossbones::rewind: :skull_and_crossbones::rewind: :skull_and_crossbones::rewind: :skull_and_crossbones::rewind: :skull_and_crossbones::rewind: :skull_and_crossbones::rewind: :skull_and_crossbones::rewind: :skull_and_crossbones::rewind: :skull_and_crossbones:

:crossed_swords: :art: :iphone:

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:no_entry_sign: :video_game: :no_entry_sign: :slightly_smiling_face:

:1st_place_medal: :facepunch: :man:

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no game no life

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one punch man i didn’t see that

Sword art online (20 characters)

:green_circle::japanese_goblin: (This is the not the main character, still though, guess the movie)

:repeat: :adhesive_bandage::hospital:

:lizard: :facepunch: :gorilla:

edit: this is so easy

The mask?

@Neoslayer redo of healer?

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no, the character there starts with a β€œg”