Describe your favourite in-game item/block with saying its description name

Whats your favourite item/block in-game? You cant tell its name, only the description!
Example :

“No, not the anime! The jumpsuit!”

Can you guess what it is? :wink:

Tell me but only the item description!!

The one piece jumpsuit isn’t a block; it’s an article of clothing. Also a weird knockoff of FORUM GAME: Describe your favourite in-game item without sayng its name, but I’ll put a block description of a block I like:
“Item info missing.”

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A block who teleports me to different location.

I love how this forum game started by me, then by Fazeus, and now this? I will be happy if more of these existed.

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Read the title, basing it off that

Block made from solid steel.

literally just a block of dirt

Why did you just remake someone else’s thread? 0.o

Describe your favourite forums post without saying it’s name :flushed:

i said


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maybe this thread should be deleted, or it would escalate because of the title

Added the word item in the title as it wasn’t included before. You should double check your title next time so people wouldn’t get confused with the thread.

Anyways, my favorite block would probably be a type of plant organ, mostly green and can be found in trees.