Designing my main world

Update! (yay)

Final version (for now)
that empty room in left is for future updates!
What do u think?

Looks neat.

Maybe for that extra space, you can either add your sets there, or for more graffiti (if you want to do either)
You can also add stuff like a dojo (from Endless’ world) and displays for your most expensive items. Or simply more storage space.

Also what is that green screen there?

Green screen is for super extra secret videos :shushing_face:

also what is name of endless world?

Well since you’re using elven blocks, I know a world with pretty nice design and which is using elven blocks too.
But its not my world, and I can’t take a picture with a panorama camera, so I can just show you screenshot.

It’s the world Conducive which belongs to Conducive.
Note: she quited. (And was also an active forumer)

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Its where he helps film government conspiracy videos