DeVz And Ionas + Project Mini (An Admin Collaboration From 2018-2020)

After some controversial actions in beta, i got punished in Mid 2018.
And Turn a new leaf by Late 2018 and made a project to add new genre of moderation as well as influencers during the time as the influencers we have didn’t cut it in my opinion (while at 200 subscribers, lol) so feel free to drop a comment on what you think of this project, am curious to see what happens in the future for influencers.

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I dont think wicker10 does even have youtube channel anymore and he is still ifluencer?

He has over 9 million tik tok followers. If pw removes his status, they’re idiots. Wicker10 is a huge cash cow if he ever comes back.


not like influencers matter at all the ones we have now from what my friends said are scammers or just dead