Did mods get early access to the forums?

So everyone who registered a forum account on the first day of the new forums got an anniversary badge today. However, the mods got it 14 days before today:

So did the mods get some sort of special, exclusive access to the forums back then?

Probably since they are second to the admins and help the game

It was probably so that they had some people to test the forums out in advance and also moderate them when the forums actually became public.

If the forums opened without any moderators then it would’ve been pretty chaotic.

you make it sound like its something too important and its a privilige to have 10-15 days older account


I hate to sound rude, but Ondrashek has a history of being upset with moderators being able to do/access things that regular players are unable to.

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I literally only asked now, and I’ll not be upset if you say “Yes”…

You’ve complained a lot about moderator powers in some of your previous threads, which is why I say that you have a history of it.

Either way, it really isn’t a privilege for some moderators to have slightly older accounts, people don’t value you based on your account age on the Pixel Worlds forums.

Yes, and it isn’t “special” and “exclusive” access as you may think. They got early access because they needed to beta test some things.