Disable incoming friend & trade requests

Create an option which doesn’t allow people to send you a trade request or a friend request


Yes please, I’d like to have it


A very requested feature from the community, yet it seems that they still didn’t consider adding it in-game. I hope one day they will listen to the community regarding this issue.


I’ve been requesting a trade mute for ages lol

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@oshawott +1 I totally agree with this.

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This is commonly suggested, I’m shocked they haven’t implemented it yet.
(Also +1)


ye, this would be nice. (+1) from me.

@oshawott U can make a poll tho

These are some features that have been requested for so long. This definitely will be useful to a great part of the players. Hopefully these features gets added to the game.

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Yes please. It’s also very annoying when someone is trying to trade with you and the trade bubble blocks their chats. If you’re in a populated world it’s practically impossible to see what they’re saying since the chat log changes so quickly. Especially if there’s a ham radio in the world. So yeah, for that reason mainly I would really like if there was a trade mute option : D


I’d love this so much, p l e a s e a d d d e v s

Oh and when it comes to friend requests, it’s SO awkward to explain why I don’t want to add them as a friend and I can’t even lie and say my list is full. It would make it much easier if I could just… not receive friend requests :sweat_smile:


Yeah, there really should be an option. I don’t understand why didn’t they add that option into the game already.

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Sounds like CT. I’d use it if I played at all.

We need this in the game. Especially when I have to lie to someone that likes me about being a full friend list. (+1)


I’d love this feature.

Great feature. +1 from me. :+1:

I especialy think Jake will LOVE IT while he will do live streams where he goes to other worlds and TONS of people send him freind requests or want to trade him. I THINK that it would be like a mute type of button :))

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Also, I think the way trade mute would work is it enables once both players have traded each other (in the case where both people have mute enabled)