Do I have magical eyes?

I can do this weird thing with my eyes, I can blend in the things I look at.

Let me give you an example, I can look at a door handle, then concentrate really hard on it and then make the door handle turn the same color as the door (door being the background). I can do this with almost anything but it’s much harder to blend in things if they are either very close to my eyes or really big (like a poster on the wall).

I’m curious to know if other people can also do this. You can try it yourself, take a piece of paper and draw a dot on the middle of it, and then try to make it disappear.
If you don’t have a paper or a pen at the moment then you’ll have to start with something harder, there is definitely something in your room that looks blendable. If you don’t feel like doing this that’s understandable.

If you do feel like trying this out kindly answer this poll. Did it work for you? Are you able to blend things with your eyes?

  • Yes
  • No

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Though it normally happens with stuff away from where you look at.

There are also these things called blind spots, located where your optic nerve is, but that also requires you not to look right at the object you want to disappear.

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Yes, it basically works like that illusion, except the only difference is that the thing I am looking at disappears, not the things around it.

It does look like a blind spot when I do it, but it’s probably not a blind spot. The blind spot isn’t big enough to cover some objects I’ve disappeared.

Thanks for the info!