Do pixel world's YouTuber need to be rich?

That question I thinks lots of lots weeks and can you guys tell the answer?

I hope you seen when you come to yt to watch some YouTuber like Yus or Skullash they and all others have some like 50+ platinum locks!

No, they don’t have to be rich. The reason for them having that much World Locks, Platinum Locks, Gems and Byte Coins is because they have been working hard off camera in the game.

Not really, you just have to make a good and interesting content

And yes, this


When Zygora started yt he had like 150wls or smth and now…
I actually have a little Channel too xd Fazeus pw

poor or not, all it matters is your posting valuable or entertaining videos. they’ll love it if your funny nor posting very important stuff.

You do not need to be rich.
However I feel like the richer you are, the less effort and quality your content needs to have to still be popular. For example, if you are rich you can just host a giveaway for subscribers, or do videos that consist of you showing off your riches, but if you are poor, you need to make your content more entertaining/interesting (or whatever the focus of your content is) and better made in general.

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Rich people succeed with fake giveaways, regardless of their video quality.

“Poor” people do even better, if their content is worth watching.

My advice to everyone is “Give it your best, and you will see the rest”.


I’d say, the richer you are, the more horrible content you make not gonna lie.
If you’re rich, you’re most likely going to =

  • Host giveaways for subs
  • Do videos that are milked to death (Soil to PL ; Don’t Judge Newbie)
  • Give useless information (How to earn 15 PL Fast = SELL YOUR ITEMS :roll_eyes:)
  • Ignore the haters, saying they’re too jealous of you being famous/rich.

Maybe try being creative, like giving “Secret Base Tips & Tricks” or “Netherworld = What to Prioritize”

Like what Ephus says, do your best. Maybe try to listen to what haters hate, and try to somewhat “fix” that problem.

If you give out “obvious” videos that don’t help anyone, you’re most likely just going to be the majority of the other youtubers with bad content, while claiming they are good.

Just to remind you, quality is better than quantity (in my aspect)


I absolutely agree with you. Listening to what haters are criticizing is important due to them pointing out things you didn’t know you needed to improve on. Because, often, you don’t even realize the things you do wrong.

Well what you described is yus,possible and woken all rich all pretty bad videos

Except I think zygora does quality content even though he has like 300pl

Wokun and Yus don’t really make bad content.

Possible, AYTA and BOWNS however…
They can go delete their Youtube channel.

hmm ok… maybe yus is good but im gonna disagree on wokun your right about ayta and bowns tho

Well it may seem more appealing to watch if you are rich, but I would say no, if you have an idea that revolves around spending wls, feel free by any means to make a video but just have an idea and enjoy what you create.

I’m not rich and I do YouTube sometimes

Just make videos which don’t require wls, as long as they are entertaining you will succeed.

Haha Same lol xd. (20 characters)

Agree with you @Blackwight

Thanks! Giveaway’s can be like ending in 500 subs?

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I will start youtubing but all of my friends who are youtubers (Like Naksuli) has smthing like 5pl and I have 160wls

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