Do you think Developers should make a new coin that functions like Platinum Lock?

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Some people may find calculating hundreds of thousands and millions of BC harder, they probably need to use a calculator because they are used to buying/selling items using wls and pls. Do you think Pixel Worlds Developer should make a new coin that represents some amounts of BC that will make calculating and estimating price easier?

Well if they do that it’ll be just like wl and pl also itll take extra space on our screen so what is the point of it anyways.


I think that that would be a good idea to add something different to the game, and just overall would be a good idea that could save your pls/wls. You know what im trying to say.

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I know calculating byte coins with a lot of zeros won’t be a big deal but this would slightly help and it wouldn’t be very hard to implement.


Good point StealthNinja.

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Yes, I know what you are trying to say. Thank you.

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Agree, It would help a little but would significantly help when the price has random numbers.


Honestly though, the argument of, “trading with 100,000 BC is hard” is completely ridiculous. It’s a desperate attempt to keep bombarding the update to make it look so bad by bombarding with artificially made ‘issues’.

Say in real life you buy a monitor for 100 USD. The same amount is equivalent to 10,981.00 JPY, 4,767.50 PHP, 1,428,000.00 IDR, 854.84TRY, and 111,308.00 KWR. Among those countries which I believe many are PW players, the ‘worst looking’ and ‘most complicated’ one seems to be IDR followed with KWR. Guess what? These people are living their lives with ease and not screaming about how “complicated” to make a transaction regularly in millions.


Please explain this so-called “random numbers”? I assume you are smart enough to understand the “random number” of, say 2,764, then that figure is less than 3,000 and more than 2,500 right?


I never said it would be complicated I said it would be slightly easier and not hard to implement.please remember that people as young as 8 play this game.


Agree, trading with 100,00 BC wouldn’t be hard to calculate as Orangehairguy said. Append, no one said trading with 1000,000 BC is hard.

Please understand that people around the globe don’t use the same currency like the US for a long time, Players in Pixel Worlds have been using World Locks as the main currency since the game was launched and then suddenly the currency is going to be changed with a different value. I use IDR and it is not complicated at all because we have been using it since we were born and We didn’t think of other currency as a benchmark when buying/selling, items price are also adjusted so the price doesn’t confuse us.

If Indonesians went to the US, then they would find estimating the price hard because they are not used to the change and they have to use IDR as the benchmark, also IDR and USD have a different value.

Now, let’s illustrate my point. (e.g, If I knew the price of something is 239wls, the price would be 54.165 (if rate is 235/wl)/ Would I know that 54.165 BC is 239wls without calculating or using calculators? Having the need to use calculator most of the time is what makes trading pretty complicated.

Yes, you are right that 2764 is less than 3,000 and more than 2,500. However, I need to use calculator to estimate the exact price. I can’t estimate a price by knowing that it is less than 3,000 and more than 2,500.

True, I think he misunderstood what your point was. Also, you are right that many kids play this game.

@Append, Appreciate your argument and great point. I had no intention to argue when I made this thread, but You made this forum as a debate room and You were not polite at all when explaining your point.

Please be more positive, kind, and polite, I am very sorry if I make you feel offended. Thanks. :smiley:


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I believe your primary threads says otherwise: “Some people may find calculating hundreds of thousands and millions of BC harder”

A good point, and nobody should expect the transition would be painless. However, trading with an extra 3 zeroes or what not does not make it harder. It is only hard when you are training your brain to trade in Byte Coin. The problem is not with the figure being tripled, rather a different measurement. It’s similar to if you were to do USD and CNY. 1 USD is 6.37 CNY. However, if you were an American soon to visit China, you will still experience the problem of trying to think how much is 120 CNY is despite the value to be close to USD (numerically) and not that it would triple the figure.

This is the “getting used to” period. The transitioning period. It’s a completely different matter. It is irrelevant whether the new currency is looking like 2.5x of the old currency or 8x. It still forces you under the same “getting used to” period.

Now pardon my tone. It is simply mind boggling to think that the same argument is being used repeatedly everywhere. It is also not a rocket science to figure out. Put 2 and 2 together, and you will realize the issue isn’t with the 273 BC = 1 WL, rather with the fact that now you are forced to think completely in BC.


or maybe just keep the world locks as main currency? :expressionless:


I’d rather sell dp for 400pl worth if megabytes than over 1 million bytes


You need to be at least 13 to play this game as i know


I am sorry if I caused a misunderstanding, English is not my main language. :pray:

I agree, very true. :clap:

I agree, transitioning between two currencies with different measurements and getting used to thinking in ‘Byte Coins’ will take some time. Maybe the economy will be unstable and many people will be complaining for a while until finally, everyone accepts Byte Coins as the main currency. :fire:


It’s fine Append. :pray: :smiley:

I am also sorry when I said “You were not polite at all”, I don’t think that was right of me to say that.

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That is a peaceful route. :+1:

I agree, maybe the developers should make a new coin that functions like a platinum lock (the new coin represents some amount of BC) like your recent thread (Megabytes, Terrabytes, Gigabytes).

Yes, but there are many kids below that age in Pixel Worlds.

Look guys the idea of mega byte is important and necessary tbh but won’t it just kill the whole point of making wls untradeable as u had pl for high price items. So this dosent fix anything removing pl and adding mega byte. And if they don’t add mega byte it’ll be to much of a problem. So what’s the whole point.


In still shocked why people disagree with the idea, guess they just want to trade an expensive items for 10 Billion BC?! It’s a good idea to add a short cut for this!


From what I heard the reason Wls are going to be untradable is to =

  1. Prevent scams in drop games
  2. To make sense for new players

Or, do we have other reasons?