Do you think the 2017 hack will happen again?

This hack is part of Pixel Worlds history. It leaked a lot of unreleased items (that some actually did not end up being in the game at all) and pretty much broke pixel worlds that time. It was fun for the players but not for the devs who took a long time to clean it up. But, you think it would happen again? Vote in the poll and list your reason in the replies.

Will this hack happen again?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I do not know

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there have been duplication glitches and hacks over the time, its question of time when someone would do this again, if he has skills to hack these systems.

Exactly because since the game has evolved for a while, their security is stronger.

it is stronger, but you don’t need to be really pro hacker to hack this game, i think just no one wants to hack such a little game ;-;

I think it was in 2017, and no it won’t happen again.
It wasn’t actually a hack either, basically what happened was that the developers were stress testing the amount of dropped items a world could handle, and so they used admin powers to just spawn hundreds of random dropped items in a test world.
One mistake was that the test world was available on the Main servers too, so one player found out about the world and started messing around ad give items and stuff.

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The fact that these “pro hackers” require stolen accounts to further promote their hacks, still shows that the hackers are still dependant on the community (The Greedy and Stupid part of it, specifically).

I doubt they will be able to crack the dev’s code, given the fact that they still require the “fallen side” of the community to do their own biddings.

They’ve started slacking with the prevention of hacks. It’s getting worse and worse as time goes by, the amount of moderation a slowing down quickly, and the communication from the devs has come to a complete halt. The veterans’ opinions are no longer as appreciated as they used to be, you know, the players who criticize the game because we love the game and have experience, wanting the game to be the best it can be.

A certain moderator has told me they’re finding ways to even make fake reports disguised as any players name.
That’s how my world got locked.

So, it wouldn’t be too far off to think something like this is bound to happen again.


The Hack happened in 2017, I don’t think it will happen again unless the devs make a similar mistake as they did in 2017.

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Logged on my old phone to find this fossil of a post on one of the tabs. Funny that its happening again

This can only happen if the databases are hacked, and this is not possible as long as no authority is hacked.

There used to be a line of code in the game that anyone could use to spawn items, and those who spawned old items did it using that.

they did have, and probably still have, moderator status accounts which they used for access to the database

Won’t give them admin access though, the way these players are they would probably try and block the current admin if they could…

This post is interesting. What Neoslayer wrote way back then just predicted the very long downward trajectory the game was headed in then…now here we are

The original post talks about Devs … Plural… As far as I see it there is 1 dev plus Pixellox and I’m not even sure what they do or what level their skills actually go to. Are they a full on coder?

There is no way they could carry out the same ‘clean up’ that was done all those years ago . The game is so big it’s ridiculous that it runs on the shoe string of staff it has…

There lies the truth it isn’t running…it’s spluttering along from one problem to another…it also takes liberties with players actual, real money.

Now I love the game, but at some point they will have to take a different direction or …

This doesn’t seem very likely because if they had the database, they could delete everyone’s data, give themselves admin privileges, and ban everyone. Also, from what I’ve seen, admins can obtain any items they want, so if anyone buys an admin account, they can create any item they want. I don’t know if it works for moderators.