Do you think the game is dying?

I dont know but it just a question, im just wondering what is your thoughts about this topic since I myself see that it is still active and stable but many players nowadays are quitting. Is the game dying?

The is dying bruh.
Here Why

  1. Where the update?
  2. Too many bugs
  3. 60%-70% Item is limited and price goes up every day, making in really hard for a new player.

Personally, no
I see a lot of people all the time so it’s never really felt dead to me
Except in HANGAR. No one is there :slightly_smiling_face:


Game isn’t dying, it’s just that the veterans are being replaced by new players who will consume anything because they don’t realize how much potential this game lost.

Playerbase is pretty stable right now

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Hmm what percentage of people use steam if we know that we can calculate many play

At least, we got data on one platform.