Do you want byte Tax to be removed or changed?

Do you think the tax is too high, since they’re going to make world locks untradeable?
This will mean more people being forced to use PWE, which will also mean even more bytes will be thrown into the 10% void.

  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes, and add more uses for bytes to reduce surplus of bytes

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This statement here is completely false. Forcing people to use Byte Coin, although the act itself is questionable, is not, in any way, forcing them to use PWE.

“That may lead to more people using PWE,” is a reasonable statement.

Given how different some circumstances are, many would believe they are being forced to use the PWE if they want to profit

Negative. People misinterpreting things does not make what they believe (wrongly) to be true. It is reasonable to think that people will use PWE more since they already keep Byte Coin as opposed to how things were a couple days ago. However, they are still in full control over whether to use PWE or not.

To make it easy to imagine, picture a trade world full of people still advertising their items or trying to buy some items. Now, replace every “WL” with “BC”. There you have it.

You take everything too literally

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Things that are wrong or misleading need to be corrected, especially when it is beyond a minor error. I was not even nitpicking your statement. It was completely false.

Idk maybe the devs officially making bytes the main currency gives a push for the community to also use PWE since there are those small trades that used to be ongoing with wls (Sell sb for 999/1, throwable axe for 1wl, etc) which are no longer viable

You can make theory and assumption. I personally doubt it is the case, but it is a reasonable and likely situation. However, it is in no way forcing people to use Byte Coins affect people’s independence to choose to use conventional trade that doesn’t charge them any fee.

append one of your main points is that you should pay a fee for when you sell an item and that’s fair but… there is no point making the fee so high for expensive items that nobody would ever sell them on the pwe the devs need to have a balance between affordable and absurd.

The fact that you consider 2pl not being hefty enough to sell 100pl items seems a bit crazy to me even at 2pl tax i wouldn’t sell an item everything cannot be 10 percent they need to weight it correctly.

what is the point of a 10 percent tax on expensive items if nobody is going to sell them anyway
since byte is becoming the main currency having only cheap items being sold on pwe is such a pain there is no harm in making a game more enjoyable.

His argument is “just don’t use it” instead of working on a way to fix the problem


If this is what you mean :moyai:

Only a meme*


His same argument for him believing P2P should be legal :moyai:

There’s a point: it is currently the only viable option to money drain. With the way things are right now, Byte Coin is in danger. I have mentioned this in Discord that there are so many things that are wrong with BC. Literally the backbone that prevents BC from keep inflating itself at tremendously high rate is PWE service fee.

They could easily just do something like the elite watergun - a concept they abandoned

I won’t go deep because it is OOT (seems like you love using ad hominem in another debate that has nothing to do with it), but P2P should be legal. Whether you want to play or not is up to you, and that’s what makes this a game. You have choice to make as long as it is not against PW rules.

Same should apply to dropgames then, because they have the ability to be just as much of a scam as the dropgames are. The only reason dropgames gained so much traction was because dropgames were popular in other games before

I won’t answer that because it’s OOT. I’m pretty sure we had this conversation back and forth some time ago in another thread.

You asked a question in the title, and gave other options to choose
I want the tax changed, not removed

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Tax is needed to prevent inflation and price manipulation

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Plenty of other better and more efficient ways to prevent inflation and price manipulation that wouldn’t result in PWE being unusable for many players due to a ridiculous amount of tax for everyone… As you can see, prices are still being manipulated, and more players using PWE = more legitimate purchases, and they could always revamp the recent changes as well.

The fact that they use them for fishing tournament, or secret base is one way of money drain. There’s no wonder people would worry about inflation because now secret base is full of worthless items that nobody wants. And if they do want them, they could buy one for like 4 bytes on the PWE.
The only thing to strive for are the legendaries, and most people only grind those for profit, now even those turned out to not be legendary,
I mean look, these items are rotting away in my world and I don’t even play secret base.

There isn’t inflation of bytes, there’s an inflation of useless items and features that nobody wants to use their bytes on.