Do you want some silly gems for halloween but you are POOR? 🙄

Well heres your chance to get some gems for yourself

You can do my lvl 2 mine keys
if you have a decent mining set you will get around 1400-2800 gems per mine

You can keep everything EXCEPT THE NUGGETS and you must collect all 50 of them in each mine

Once you do the keys you can donate the nuggets @FURRY

hmmm nah ty i already prepared 1m + gems

Alright THIS time, I would do it, sorry I wasn’t able to do it last time but I know for sure I WILL do it this time. @Light

uh @Light you there???

Not a good deal though :confused:
The time spent on these low level mines is not worth the gem gain.


Idk, im bad at mining, but i really need gems for halloween lol (801 gems now :frowning: )
Idk if i can collect all nuggets, seems challanging, i Just sell my whole mining set bruh cause im quit mining

@Light you on?

Guess what.

I got 327 keys
if you can get 60 nuggets+ per run u can keep da gems

Tempted to do that lol, but it might take a lot of time, still thinking abt it

I sold them 124 each : p

Well if you are really motivated, this can takes like 8hrs… but yea… it’s can takes some time for sure

I can do that, but I already received some keys from Light

oh…well good luck! i’m personally working on a huge project (surely the biggest project i will ever do) and rushing a lot and for a long period is hard physically

@Desti still need someone to do those keys for ya?

I sold them all sadly

I do have some silver keys though

You need someone to complete them?

maybe :roll_eyes:

Well donate em at @zgopw ill do them when I am done with the bronze, but if the silver is less, then ill do that first