Does Hitting Actually Delay The Carts?

Every year, there’s a rumor that goes around, where if you hit the air the carts they “delay”. I don’t think its true because it sounds ridiculous, I remember in 2017, the carts spawned pretty much instantly with people hitting the air. In 2018, I don’t really remember if there was a delay, I think this was the year the rumor started. So maybe there was some delay. I don’t remember hearing this as a rumor in 2017. In 2019, many people started to believe in this rumor. In 2020 and 2021, the delay is still here, maybe worse than 2019. There’s been times where little to no people hit and the carts still delay. My guess with the delays is the amount of worlds the carts spawn in, as there’s hundreds of worlds with a golden ice cream/Popsicle statue. But I think, they spawn once a player goes in the world not when nobody is in that world. Another one, could be the amount of players in the world maybe. Or they could be trying to fix the way you can get more than 10-12 ice creams and hour. Those are my guesses for the carts delay. Hoping for a Dev to respond to this, Myself and i’m other people, wan’t to know if hitting the air rumor is true or not.

Its just a myth and im pretty sure about that.

Just think about it, why would hitting delay them?

It depends on the server speed or whatever when they spawn


Probably due to how laggy the world is. If the world has a lot of effect blocks around them (say, bubble machines), it may cause the user to lag and make the cart appear more slower than usual. An example of these “laggy” worlds would be LOWFPS

Still, this is just my myth/theory. Don’t get it too seriously unless the developers do tell a statement.


Doesn’t make sense to me, cause the server is built to handle thousands and thousands of players and worlds doing different things.
If anything, people standing in one spot to punch is a lot less stressful than say, hundreds of people playing the mines or netherworld or whatnot.

some people believe it to the point where they say this.
and no, like light said, its just a myth.


Even if the amount of data coming from hits somehow makes the servers lag, which I highly doubt, I don’t see why constantly spamming “STOP HITTING MAKE BAD LAG OH NO CART DELAY HIT MAKE PLEASE STOP DDD:” somehow won’t make it lag too.


Ok this made me laugh out loud LOL

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And these same “HIT = DELAY” people put 10’s of laser beam blocks to their worlds and keep activating them like that wouldn’t cause lag.


Somebody said this onetime:

Punch air = unsexy


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This does not make any sense at all. Is being vegan bad or good in this context? Would Greta Thunberg approve of this? What does it take to be vegan…anyway I don’t think the myth is true - hitting may cause a delay when the cart spawns (due to the server having to deal with many players as well as them hitting air) but the delay should just be barely noticeable, maybe a millisecond or two.

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Someone said Hit air=gay
Damn i guess i have to hit the air then


Hits air faster

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That one moment when you’re actually gay.
( I’m not offending anyone)

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This is going WAYYYYYYY too far, Imao