Does the old banana trick count as hacking?

Genuine question. I was told I was banned for hacking over 1,200 days ago. I do not hack. I don’t even remember the ban happening. This is the only possible solution, as I haven’t changed my password since then.

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Shame on whoever flagged this, i edited because i didnt want to look stupid lol

For the ones who are wondering: some veteran players used to use a real banana in order to farm with their mobile devices. [I have never tried it before, but I still know about it].

In my opinion it shouldn’t be counted as “hacking” since you are just using a peeled banana to simulate that it’s your finger the one that it is triggering the punch button. However, if you get caught, there is no way for a moderator or an administrator to know whether or not the player is using third-party programs, when you’re actually using a banana. So thinking about that, I wouldn’t use it.

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Ohhhhhhh, i remember now, i got superrr confused, yes i remember when that happened.

I like how the banana trick is still known about to this day LOL

The banana was usually a mug for me but nowadays when I farm spike bombs I just decide to push down my “í” key hard enough since it got melted by accident and it gets stuck lol

But no it shouldnt count as hacking

If that’s legal, then making a mechanical finger that clicks with high cps and making a farming robot that has fingers to press the buttons should be legal too.

Just because it’s a banana and not a robot doesn’t mean that it’s you who presses the buttons. So, in my opinion, it should be illegal.

Ain’t illegal if they don’t know :smirk:

ok that’s some bad advice but still I doubt someone with the knowledge to build robots to play games, would be using that to farm in pw

Doesn’t deny the fact that someone can do that.


I think it is an equivalent action, since it has the same effect. Stuff being done without your participation.

Well i already taught a banana how to break blocks .-. lots have

The thing is if it happened, I never actually used it to break blocks.

Why did you put a banana on your screen?

Because screens loves banana

me too <3

Banana yum

Why would you comapre a banana to an A.I, weird. :confused:

I’m comparing them because they have the same effect.

Don’t use reductio ad absurdum, you and I both know they do the exact same thing in this case.

Although it does the same thing/effect, A.I would be more accurate as it requires programming which – somehow would be considered a macro. Comparing a fruit to an A.I would be a dumb speculation.

I’m comparing their effects, they do the same thing, meaning they are equivalent, and that is what the rule forbids.

It isn’t dumb, once again, you’re trying to change what I’m saying to make it sound dumb.

I’m not comparing a fruit to an A.I, I’m comparing what you do with it.

It’s like killing someone by feeding them apples till they choke and then saying “These are just just apples, not guns, knives or anything, therefore I didn’t kill anyone!”

How do you kill someone with apples? :confused: You gon’ force them to choke?