Doesn't matter

Nothing gonna change and everything is gonna be fine.

The only bad thing that happened to this update is people are overreacting and quitting because they think the game is gonna be get ruined.


That just means they are quitting without trying.

Hi ontol,

True, I agree, but maybe for a few days, the Economy is going to be unstable. There is no need to quit because the update itself is not a big deal, we are just changing to a different currency with different measurements. Like @Append stated, e.g, USD to CNY.

But maybe, the developers can make numbers in BC like this 100,000,000 and not like this 100000000.

Also, they should make a new coin that functions like a platinum lock, as suggested by @Penguin , @Mindaw , @Neoslayer , and others.

A new coin that represents some amount of Byte Coins is going to help people that are not thorough.


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You make such high quality posts lol

This one I agree. The game currently separate the 10^3 by inserting a space (e.g. BC 1 234 567) instead of comma. It works for most, but if it comes to shove, adding a clear separation that can be toggled (either comma or dot) may be useful.

Putting commas in numbers is not the correct way of writing big numbers.

Anybody over the age of ten with basic mathematical skills knows what the difference between a thoushand and ten thoushand is.

It is. We do that in many countries such as US, UK, Canada, Japan, etc. Some countries do use “.” to separate thousands though which is why I said if such feature were to be implemented, it needs to be toggleable between comma vs dot.

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I think the plain number with spaces is the most clear one.

1 000 000…
100 000
10 000
1 000

Maybe using Commas and dots are not correct in your place.

Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

The most international approach would just be

1 000
10 000
100 000
1 000 000
10 000 000
100 000 000
1 000 000 000

I don’t even think the price will be unstable for a week I felt that a bit way too long maybe a few hours.

People who panic most likely didn’t do any resources and only read the headline which is "World Lock become untradeable " then got panic just by reading that title, which is kinda sad.

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