Dropped price

So, heyya guys-! I absolutely need your answer about this topic, so… You know, most of expensive and hard-to-find items such as cthulhu wings, spirit blade, dracula cape and tormentor wings are likely to drop.

And i, to be honest, shocked about this… Wasn’t these items were no-more obtainable? So, why is it isn’t rised and ironically dropped really HARD.

Was it because of the inflation? or was it because of the duplicate-like engine whatsoever? XD

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Duplication, public fear, high supply low demand, and once again, fear.

What he said plus supply and demand is rarely mentioned.

It’s worth remembering that there is a huge number of new players in the game at the moment and quite frankly to them 1M bc may as well be 100M…! Nor do I believe many will achieve it, not in the short term at least - They simply don’t have the money… A lot of the older players also have what they want . That’s my $0.02 worth on it.