This has been on my mind for quite a while, but I do wonder if it’s necessary to name the fish as, ‘dumbfish’. I get that it’s there to ‘nerf’ fishing, and I am perfectly fine with this idea. But don’t you think it somehow break the immersion since this is the only out of the ordinary fish?

If we take a look at any other type of fish, you’ll soon realize that all other fish are all realistically existing in real world (with the exception of Acid Puffer). Even acid puffer actually is a legit fish to a certain extent—it’s a puffer fish that somehow survived from high exposure from radioactive wave and begin to have its DNA structures modified (not destroyed as they’ll die soon if the DNA is destroyed, which is very likely to happen if exposed). So, even though it’s a stretch, there’s a ‘realistic’ aspect to a certain degree.

Dumbfish, on the other hand, is completely made up fish for the sole purpose of nerfing fishing. It’d be great if they rename and remodel it to a type of fish that’s common in real life so it also makes sense why it is cheap. Snapper, catfish, eel (maybe), or anything pretty much…

Granted, this is not essential, and we don’t need to see a whole team dedicated to bring this update as soon as possible, but I lowkey wish, if the community agree, that they might want to start considering a replacement for this.

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So basically


If you’re getting immersed in pixel worlds because it’s realistic, I don’t think you’re playing pixel worlds. Might as well remove every wing because they don’t exist in real life, or almost every pet.

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I don’t really mind if all fish are all fantasy, but the fact that pretty much all the other fish except the radiated fish realistic puts dumbfish in a pretty odd spot. If they were all fantasy, I wouldn’t even put this thread up. But I do see how people can live with this. I don’t know man. It’s just my view.

Keep in mind that radioactive mutated animals do actually exist in real life despite its lifespan being questionable. A simple Google search will give you more than I can ever tell you.

Makes sense, and I understand you wanting Dumbfish to fit in with realistic fish, but in my honest opinion, not much in PW is “realistic” in comparison to real life, so made-up or fake fish would make fishing much more exciting in my opinion.