Economy inflation

can anyone tell me why tf is everything so expensive so many items rised 20x times bro like pixel head was only like 20k and now its 600k in 3 years??? and so many other items are now 1m???

like did i miss something

Don’t worry someday item prices are normal.

bro i doubt it will take atleast like 2 months or more

red halo was 80m, I bought it for 25m now nobody will buy it for 20m lmao

bought 10 spirit hammer and it dropped to like 1/4 of it’s usual price, and this was in the span of like 2 days lol

Ggs I quit never getting angel wings this economy succs

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By the way it’s not that bad!

the game doesn’t have a stable economy anymore, every item’s price is on its own and can drop or rise for no reason at all any moment

exactly everyone is gatekeeping items with an insane price

what is normal price? 70k tsup wasnt normal ngl

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You’re currently doing what I sometimes do:


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That sucks. Spirit hammer dropped so much.

The guy never visited Growtopia.
Honestly, Pixel Worlds inflation is “wanna be” of GT.
Not to mention, that the amount of dupes in GT is way bigger than in PW.

if something were duped, how would that impact values in any positive way, it would just kill the item but it’s the exact opposite.