Elite water gun pricee

all those item in this game has risen so much bytecoin, anyone ever wonder the price for elite water gun right now? i remember there is only 50 in this game. anyone still has it? and what do you think about the price of it right now

bumpppp. guess no one here can answer my question

That is such a rare item it’s actually finding one …

If you have one, and want to sell i suggest you just ask big, very big

I’d probably go with a global message at a time when the game is super busy

Ask for offers …

My dream item is an AK-47 and was offered one for 9m . Now i am not poor but I would need to sell everything and I doubt i could raise much more than half of that ! . I like what I have too much to do that

Used to be around 9-10M around a month ago, but now, no idea.