Endgame for Pixel Worlds

I know that there isn’t much devs can do about my request here.

But I do believe that at one point, there will be. I know that the new players are more valueable for the company, since they spend more money than us on it. But I do believe that the bigger community Pixel Worlds has = more new players will want to stay.

So here is a good way to keep the veterans in the game. Adding a legendary questline with an untradeable prize would definetly keep a lot of rich players motivated to play the game, and they would grind for it. I do believe that if Epic PWR sets were untradeable, so many players would try hard to obtain all the colours, but now its pointless, because it is not limited + it is not untradeable, so we can just buy from others.

Same goes for butterfly, it would’ve been most valueable item to create today if it was untradeable, there are only 6-7 in game atm, and it has been years since the questline is released. I’m pretty sure it would’ve costed more than a dark pixie today, but because it is tradeable, it is barely worth any bytecoins.

Grindable untradeables would’ve been great as well, if Wings of the Deep and Dark Pickaxe were untradeable, I would’ve grinded for it, but I got no motivation rn to do mining.

I believe that the only thing I can go for rn is 999 candy wings, since its untradeable grindable.

I hope to see a new legendary questline in the future with an untradeable reward.

Edit: I’m saying these would be cool for the players who can already afford anything, and has nothing to do left.


A time where they’ll be able to listen to our suggestions and feedback, or respond to it at the very least, would be a reality I’d love to live in.

unfortunately, that reality isn’t this one… At least yet.
There’s a lot of questline suggestion threads tbh. I’m thinking something unique but not something that will require limited items. Maybe even something that requires LOTS of garbage items, to help eradicate the over inflation of garbage booster items.


This reminded me of the only time i actually grinded for something in the game, nightmare wings


obviously, that would ruin the economy if it require limiteds for sure :laughing: people already are mad about items being that expensive

I believe it was the only item I ACTUALLY grinded for after getting a drac cape

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Can you stop posting that everywhere


I’ll consider but most certainly will if I was to get banned for it.