Epic PWR Quest (Prices)

Decided to calculate the average price of items required to finish Epic Superhero Quest as I have read rumors of it costing over 60 platinum locks. Everything was calculated via PWE converting bytecoins to world locks. Link to each of those items have been added as well.

Punchpool Shoes - 59wl.
Punchpool Gloves - 12wl.
Punchpool Leg Armor - 11wl.
Punchpool Chest Armor - 48wl
Punchpool Mask - 12wl.

Total: 142 wl.

Night Chick Boots - 7wl.
Night Chick Wrist Guards - 10wl.
Night Chick Pants - 18wl.
Night Chick Top - 15wl.
Night Chick Hair - 32wl.
Night Chick Domino Mask - 49wl.

Total: 131wl.

Mystery Dude Shoes - 11wl.
Mystery Dude Pants - 5wl.
Mystery Dude Shirt - 7wl.
Mystery Dude Cape - 34wl.

Total: 57wl.

Kettlehead Shoes - 5wl.
Kettlehead Gloves - 6wl.
Kettlehead Pants - 4wl.
Kettlehead Shirt - 5wl.
Kettlehead Cape - 33wl.
Kettlehead Mask - 29wl.

Total: 82wl.

Green Bouncer Shoes - 44wl.
Green Bouncer Pants - 7wl.
Green Bouncer Shirt - 10wl.
Green Bouncer Hair - 37wl.
Green Bouncer Mask - 134wl.
Green Bouncer Shield - 16wl.

Total: 248wl.

Captain Grit Shoes - 9wl.
Captain Grit Gloves - 7wl.
Captain Grit Pants - 7wl.
Captain Grit Shirt - 7wl.
Captain Grit Mask - 8wl.
Captain Grit Jump Pack - 29wl.

Total: 67wl.

Sir Laser Shoes - 10wl.
Sir Laser Gloves - 24wl.
Sir Laser Pants - 18wl.
Sir Laser Shirt - 12wl.
Sir Laser Helmet - 25wl.

Total: 89wl.

Gloomy Clubber Shoes - 5wl.
Gloomy Clubber Pants - 7wl.
Gloomy Clubber Shirt - 6wl.
Gloomy Clubber Stick Sheaths - 29wl.
Gloomy Clubber Mask - 5wl.
Gloomy Clubber Dual Sticks - 7wl.

Total: 59wl.

Blackbird Shoes - 22wl.
Blackbird Pants - 15wl.
Blackbird Shirt - 15wl.
Blackbird Mask - 8wl.
Blackbird Cape - 94wl.

Total: 154wl.

Tridentist Shoes - 16wl.
Tridentist Gloves - 11wl.
Tridentist Pants - 10wl.
Tridentist Shirt - 15wl.
Tridentist Teeth - 84wl.
Tridentist Mask - 12wl.
Tridentist Lance - 70wl.

Total: 218wl.

DaBomba Shoes - 9wl.
DaBomba Gloves - 12wl.**
DaBomba Pants - 13wl.
DaBomba Shirt - 14wl.
DaBomba Moustache - 11wl.
DaBomba Cape - 44wl.
DaBomba Mask - 10wl.
DaBomba Dynamite - 31wl.

Total: 144wl.

Retributor Pants - 12wl.
Retributor Shirt - 6wl.
Retributor Tail - 50wl.
Retributor Mask - 25wl.
Retributor Gloves - 8wl.
Retributor Jump Pack - 37wl.

Total: 138wl.

Sup-a-Fly Shoes - 6wl.
Sup-a-Fly Pants - 5wl.
Sup-a-Fly Shirt - 14wl.
Sup-a-Fly Hair - 10wl.
Sup-a-Fly Mask - 8wl.
Sup-a-Fly Swatter - 15wl.
Sup-a-Fly Wings - 34wl.

Total: 92wl.

In total we get approximately 1621 world locks.


These prizes may vary however, depending on which month it is.
If it’s January, then Black Bird items will drop drastically.

Thank you, this is helpful