Error codes

It literally baffles me how does this game still NOT HAVE ANY SORT of an error code system. Users could then send the error code to support and they’d exactly know what’s going on.

I propose the following format:

V - Version of game.
C - Error code category ID.
E - Error type ID.

Here are some example codes:
0032 — Server connection

  • 0001 - Cannot contact server (no internet connection)
  • 0002 - Cannot contact server (wifi is off)
  • 0020 - Wifi is OK, however cannot contact game servers (blacklisting, firewall, …)
  • 0021 - Wifi is OK & can contact game servers, however packet loss is too high
  • 0030 - Version too low, game needs to be updated
  • 0040 - APK unsigned
  • 0100 - Server is down (maintenance)
  • 02XX - Subserver player tried to connect to is down (XX is subserver ID)
  • 9999 - Server is down (game has shut down)

0081 — Game errors

  • 0000 - Files don’t match server checksum (corrupted)
  • 0010 - World is full
  • 0020 - Invalid/modified save
  • 0030 - Invalid account details (hacked account?)
  • 7YXX - PWAC detection & kick; XX depends on sensor triggered, Y is detection lvl
  • 9999 - Error is unknown

0257 — Permission errors

  • 0000 - User tried to connect even though account is banned
  • 0001 - Tried to connect through banned IP
  • 0020 - Banned from world (initial)
  • 0021 - Kicked from world
  • 0022 - Tried to connect to world user is banned from
  • 0023 - Tried to connect to locked world without admin permissions
  • 0030 - Tried to access admin panel without admin permissions
  • 0040 - Tried to connect to banned world
  • 0041 - Tried to connect to restricted world

0338 — Account errors

  • 0000 - User tried to change username more than once
  • 0001 - User tried to change nickname without admin permissions
  • 0010 - Invalid ID
  • 0011 - Invalid password
  • 0020 - User tried to recover password & no recovery email set
  • 0100 - Account details on client don’t match server (hacking attempt?)
  • 0200 - User tried to log out of banned account

9999 — Other error

  • 0000 - The error is not known (ERROR). Details displayed on error screen.
  • 0001 - The error is not known (FATAL). Details displayed on error screen.

Yeah, no joke I want this in the game.

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It baffles me how boring the game is rn

i dont think we need this

It’ll make debugging alot easier in terms of server or login issues.

That would be a cool addition, however knowing the players they’ll most likely ignore it and ask support if it’s a rollback.

Why cant it just say “error is X” i dont wanna have to search up every one of these funny numbers like its some kind of secret sauce formula

Because most of those error messages are wildly unhelpful, and won’t help the admins with debugging at all. Just saying “an error has occured” with 0 details narrows it down to “only” the entire game. A code will pinpoint the exact thing going on to the admins which can then promptly issue a fix.

Then for every code it can just say that .-.

Yeah, “login error” seems very bland and out of the world for me. I’d get so scared once I received one of those.