Every ways to make profit

This thread is for measuring how effective to make bytes from a feature.

  1. Trading: This can greatly reward you or greatly decreases your networth, if you observe prices enough.

You need to know what you are doing to make this effective

  1. Nether: You will need 2 Professionals and your skills to make this the most out of. If by yourself then you’ll spend a 10 minutes to clear everything

  2. Mining: Gears with only ‘More gemstones’ would be the most effective for gems, might be tied for ‘Chances for bigger gemstones’ gears.

Gears with only ‘More brightness’ makes exporation clearer, most likely to get nuggets faster (and no trouble for missing some stuff)

  1. Fishing: Titanium with ‘Fast strike’ gears, use Amulet over Worm for a guranteed strike.

(Use ‘Notice smaller fishes’ Gears for smaller fishes to speed things up)

  1. Farming: Spikebombs with Flask of breaking, break them from top left to bottom right.

Fill the spaces first then break them

  1. Hoarding: Find limited items and accumulate.

Know what you are doing about the prices it would go

  1. Tournaments: Have as many alternate accounts as possible to occupy every space.

This is tedious, as you need RNG on your side to get higher scores.

  1. Jetracing: Spend somewhat 6 entries and get all tokens daily, Quests can make this a little effective.

This is a gamble, you will need RNG to get the grand prize, which you will need more than 999 Tokens to get it

  1. Secret Base: Need good killing and platforming skills, Get a good RNG.

Clothes are Below-average priced but Recyling can make them better.

  1. Boosters: Limited Boosters gives more profit when aiming for legendaries.

Not a guranteed chance even if you have thousands of gems

  1. Quests: You will need higher level to get better rewards (And harder to-do’s). Clan quests can give you 250-1 000 Bytes daily if 3 are completed.

This acts like hourly/daily bonus Bytes, don’t depend too much on it.

  1. Mass Producing: Greatly effective on functionals like Mannequins and Display Boxes.

Trying to gain stacks for 1 Important breeding is tedious, recommended to Mass that seed to a lesser degree if there’s barely any seller to spare

  1. Giveaways: You will need the fastest network to have higher chances.

Might be effective, you sometimes go with other players that has the same speed,

  1. P2P (Pay 2 Play): These are skilled bettings, you have to train yourself (and get good internet speed) to make this effective.

Know what you are doing, find trusted hosts.

  1. Pets: You’ll need patience (And RNG for sickness) for this to work, 200-4 000+ Bytes per adventure.

This acts as Daily idle farming, don’t depend on it too much

  1. Games: You need guessing luck for this to be effective, and find a good spleef or minigames with nice prizes.

Tedious to find, and a bit of platformer skills

  1. Donations: The most tedious one out of all, you might find players who has pity for you.

Begging extremely decreases your chances

  1. Clan Marketing: Barely gives out profit and need higher Clan Level to get bigger chances.

Extremely tiring to Level up to 5-7 by yourself, as you need Thousands to Millions of exp.

  1. World Marketing: Claiming a nice world name is great, but buying them is not the best option.

Know what you are doing. Hunt decayed Rare worlds. Owning a world based on a word barely gives chance, depending on what it’s named. Owning a 2 letter is the most expensive one, hoard one after sometime

  1. Black Marketing: Don’t

Based on Rules and ToS

  1. Recycling: Gurantees to get 2x or over the amount.

Very tiring to buy clothes but it’s the most effective way to convert your gems to bytes to a double

  1. Mining Wheel: Only get the Coins from Mining.

Highly unlikely to get the Legendary, Do not buy with Gems.

  1. Potion Farming: Mass produce Flask of Breaking/Healing Potions.
    Hoard the materials first, as they rise when the event occurs

  2. Piranhas: Any fish you go, you get this one, no matter.

Go for Anglers to occupy the Dumbfishes

  1. Clover/Summer: AFK Simulator

Get as many alternates as possible, go lower for summer.

  1. Blacktower: Either Greatly rewards you or gives lower bytes than average you spent.

_Highly recommended to practice platforming, get Anti-traps clothes and greater hp perks.*

  1. Boss Hunt: Learn the Grill Cheese method, have 2 professionals to make the killing faster.

Sell the loot boxes

  1. Best Set: Get many alternates or have an expensive set.

Atleast make the set look good instead of Halloween-Spam, Alt liking is tedious.

  1. Valentines: Need to be lucky on being chosen as a VIP.

  2. Christmas: Get many alternates.

  3. Grafitti: Farm Shojis/Black or White Blocks…

Shojis for crossbreeding FFM

  1. Treasure Hunt: Get good RNG.

  2. Archeology: Farm sans.

It’s rough, course and it gets everywhere. Don’t

  1. Sunflower Clams: Barely effective for a fancy chest.

  2. Cinco De Mayo: Sell the Pinatas.

If lucky enough, break them.

  1. Pet Day: Familiar gem prices are higher than bytes. Don’t.

  2. Turkey Hat: Just a black hat with a belt.
    Sell the Turkeys

  3. Chocolate Boxes/Gifts: Get a good RNG.
    Sell the Gifts

  1. WOTW Marketting: Barely any buyers.

  2. Scamming: Don’t

  3. Casino: Don’t

  4. Illegal Trading: It’s Illegal

  5. Trust Scam: No, that’s straight up destroying friendship.

  6. BFG: From Growtopia’s idea (and unusual), no idea how much this gives you.


For example, Bait Earring.

I mostly only do that.

Only hosting makes you money…

this topic is good for anyone looking to profit, tho recycling event only guarantees 1.5x of what you spent (its not as good as many people think it is, just overrated)

You might get 250 over and over or even a radioactive clothe though

true but they are too rare and not so expensive so it’s never good to rely on them when recycling, and the average rate per each claimed prize when recycling in bulk is around 45 byte coins