False ban (must be a mistake), read below:

okay so this was a while ago and i decided to try and solve this just now, but i had 3 accounts banned for no reason for 10 yrs (3 because i tried to login with 3 accounts), the problem is linked to an ip ban and i didn’t do anything also those accounts have some kinda valuable items (not worth too much but still), if a mod or someone capable of unbanning contact me on the gmail that i used to login to forums or just leave a comment or sum, preciate it.

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Please contact support@kukouri.com for the issue


how many days are you banned for currently ?

10 years ;D, the same thing happened on 3 accounts everytime i tried to login with them, crazy even tho i didnt do anything

Hello Breach, contact support@kukouri.com to try resolve the issue.

how many days are remaining though

but how will replying the exact same thing a person already suggested help this person further?

the ip ban took place around dec 21st of 2022

did you get banned in the future?