Fammiliar is so nerfed

guys what do you think about fammiliars
should they have stats like
every fammiliar has different stats
because like for now fammiliars are worthless because they do nothing except for emote
i had this pickle for 3years bought it for 3pl btw its unnamed
and it only became 500wl just 2pl for 3years
while dpixie before was 30-40pl and now 180pl
it doesnt even do anything dpixie is trash and worthless like
its only double jump
they should add fammiliar update with stats so atleast the price would rise
idk if its me or people are just stupid for buying dpixie for 180pl price
idk if my price is right with dpixie but thats what i heard you can correct me if u want


Certain items have been hoarded which is why their prices are increasing. Familiars are useless and are only for visual purpose unless one of the perks are used to gain benefits of having one. Would be great to have something more than that.


What kind of perks familiars would have? Also some of the level perks are connected to familiars, so they do have some use.


I agree with Ghustie.

  • But maybe every Familiar, should have like a
    different Physical or Elemental Attack Bonus,
    depending how hard it is to get or something?

I also agree with Dark Pixie Wings being Expensive nowadays, which is understandable,
as it released: 21. Nov 2016

  • But I disagree with the price. Just because the price is very high doesn’t mean
    that it should get something new, such an effect or a buff etc… Dark Pixie Wings is
    a very Nostalgic Item, which should stay that way and not be changed.

yes but any fammiliars would work something unique is needed that only works on that fammiliar and so

no im against dpixie i hate that item lol
i dont want that item to be better people would go crazy again for that
and also pickle is first fammiliar + first vip fammiliar
so why doesnt it rise?
this is why it should have some special stats

yes the perk that gives me more hp when it’s really me grabbing my pet and shoving it in the face of the attacks

I think non limited familiars could get an effect or buff since it doesn’t really affect the economy.


I do think that the familiars are fine as they are right now. They are only companions to create outfits with them.

Although, I’d be cool if the could add a little perk to every existing familiar in the game.

They should add a way to change/remove a familiar’s name through the Evolverator

the fammiliar price will affect the economy unnamed ones would be useless

There are a few very easy reasons that it has not risen.

  1. Simple economics. More Demand w/ Less Supply= Price Increase. Same w vice versa, Less Demand w/ More Supply= Price Drop.
  2. As you said, theres nothing really special about familiars besides the emote capabilities, so many people look at them as just a useless cosmetic.
  3. Just because an item is super old does NOT mean it automatically will start increasing in price, there is no guarantee that an item would ever inflate. Especially familiars, as they are simply cosmetic and extremely HTS.

Yep, you can see it with the Frost Cape for example, even though it was the VIP prize after Dark Pixie Wings, its price isn’t even close to the price of Dark Pixie Wings. Though the fact that it was also in the booster also affects its price.

this is why im telling you guys fammiliar is nerfed theres no effects on a particular fammiliar
thats why its so cheap
and also people are dumb darkpixie has no effects yet
its way too overprice

You also need to keep in mind that there’s not many dark pixie wings in the game.
Items like that which also look decent tend to have high prices.

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I don’t see how its “nerfed” if there was nothing done to them in the first place lol. Plus Dark Pixies are extremely nice looking, which is a main factor into why they’re highly coveted.

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they look the same as pixie wings with just a hint of darkness

They look really cool to most pixelians. So to compare a familiar to one of the most popular items in the game is meaningless.

True Lmaooooo
Idk im worker lol

They are kinda useless, but as of now 2 of the familiars help with mining, increasing the light range in the mines when the light meter is empty. But for one part, they look kinda cool with sets