Fashion Show Flood/Bots

Hi everybody,
I believe the fashion show has been flooded with Mr_Valentine sets. How do I know? Because I got on alts and voted, they were literally in every account I voted on.

What do you feel about this? Did the developers forgot to add a level requirement or something?

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same there is 5 same sets when i vote them


guys idk this is an alt so much of this set appears they should add level requirments

There should be a level requirement limit, but might they actually level up their alts and join the competition? This kind of stuff is literally unfair and should be taken actions immediately.

Imagine winning 100,000 gems because of alts.

I don’t get why people are overreacting to these things. The community decides who wins. This doesn’t deserve a thread, just vote for the other set unless you have no choice. That way there is 0 chances of this person winning and they’ll stop when they keep loosing thousands of gems.

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I also saw that set multiple times when voting and sadly often the other set was even worse, so I had to vote for that one.

If there were a lot alt accounts, then the vote counts spread, so it doesn’t go to 1 account


Hmmm, I still think there should be something to reduce these drawbacks.

Yeah I found 7 of these lol

You would need like 1000 accounts at least to do this. I don’t think someone did this legitimately. So even if that set wins then the person is not going to recieve the prize due to cheating. Just my thought.

lets just wait until the devs add a “skip set” feature, and then if you don’t like it then just don’t vote for those kinds of sets.
like jackbyrne said: Botted sets probably won’t win the competition, so it affect the main winner.
and also like what blackwight said: the vote would be spread out between all the Mr Valentines and not one of them would get all the votes.

the only problem that i see is that the bot accounts would have a higher chance of winning the 10,000 gems thats given out randomly.
so yeah that needs to be combatted somehow. Maybe a small lvl 10 requirement.

That would lead to even more problems. The crazy guy who is botting all of these sets can just go to the alts and skip all the sets until they see their own and boost their votes.

I believe it still has a chance of winning because most of the incoming voters are new players and will likely vote for an NPC that they see in Pixel Station. Who know? We’ll see…

Make the amount of skips just limited and maybe make it cost gems, the most skipped players eventually get disqualified

Or downvote/report
^Alot of people disagree with this because people will report to troll
it would only get removed if the majority of the people who saw your set reported you. Which seems unlikely that majority of the players would report to troll you