"fashionista" achievement not responding

The achievement for having 50 clothes in inventory would not go beyond 45/50 even though the inventory is filled with 50 of wearables. I bought some basic wearables pack for 50 gems and some more wearables via PWE machine.
After re-logging into account the achievement vent to 48/50.
I though that it might be weapons so I replaced them with basic clothes but it stayed at 48/50.

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I feel i had the same problem like 3 years ago.

This bug existed since forever. No clue what causes it but try to buy more inventory slots or dropping all the clothing then picking it all up.

I have never encountered this issue before and everything went smoothly.

Try entering another world

Thanks for suggestions, I logged in after 1 hour and it changed into 50/50 and the achievement was complete. I did not change anything before closing the application though so the problem is solved, but not the bug itself.

The weapons don’t count as wearables unless you reload the game, it’s a strange issue

Weapons don’t count towards the achievement. Dropping or picking up wearables should update the situation if it’s out of sync somehow. Not sure how this is replicated, there probably is some situation where the achievement isn’t evaluated. There used to be an issue that getting items from boosters didn’t update the achievement, but I think it works now. Might be some other thing, like taking items from a mannequin.

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