Favorite Activity to Do In Pixel Worlds

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  • Farming
  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Spending Gems
  • Parkouring
  • Trading

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Haha for now its 100% mining

what about building?

I like to practice my parkour skills. It helps a lot at giveaways and it’s very fun to do for wotws.

Oh i’m going to edit it then, forgot about building XD

Just my opinion, you mentioned some unpopular options but didn’t mention some popular options.

Such as? I haven’t played PW for about 2 months and just got back

Choices too few
•world hunting
•mass producing
•Calling other people noob-ing
•Friend pming
•becoming a slave-ing
Edit:added more

Unpopular: trading, spending gems
Popular: Building, jet racing, other dungeons, mass producing, world hunting

My favourite (20 characters)


Trying to fix this post, but it says cannot edit poll in the first 5 minutes, i’ll wait

My favorite daily activity is getting 1st at PixelStation parkour with my Hotrod. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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read it wrong, it says cannot change poll after the first 5 minutes lol, im just gonna make a part 2 of this post

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Or make a completely new one but completed

W-why Mining? I don’t think mining improved.

Already made the new Post Favorite Activity to Do In Pixel Worlds - Pt2

add some/all of these if you’ll make a new one

I like mining. Poll should be multiple choices

people who didn’t pick “Spending Gems” are lying

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