Favorite thing to farm

What’s your favorite thing to farm? (I like spike bombs)

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i like to browse in pwe to find the uncommon/rare rarity Farmable Blocks/props/backgrounds i think its great

I like farming Tiles & Blue/Red Xmas Wallpapers…

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i love farming steel blocks

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Nothing, farming is in the past, its all about mining.

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Fishing: am I forgotten?!
Farming: I was popular few years ago:p
Nether: I am a worse version of mining.
Mining: Haha noobs I’m da best now!


I farm magic blocks, spike bombs.
I also get my gems in the nether so and sell the recipes.
I also get my gems by fishing (not selling medium++ to the vendor) and mining (not selling large+)

Welcome to forums, I farm xmas trees

Obviously i farm the best and superior farmable that 100% everyone agrees with.

Bling Bling Blocks duh

Sometimes, I farm any kind of farmable prop, block or even backgrounds.
Check this:

me:will farming when summer starts

everyone:farm spikebombs

not meme lol

Sci-fi blocks, or die

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Spike bombs with flasks of breaking. A great way to get a huge amount of XP.