Favorites And Notifications

I think it would be pretty good to make a favorites and notifications update. I’m talking about "Hey! somone donated you something in the world ____!’ Or “Hey someone wrote this and that on your guestbook in the world ____!” And “Hey someone accepted your message in the guestbook!” (Or deleted). And the favorites update is another feature on the PWE. if you search an item for example “Legendary soil block” and click on it there will be a star in the corner of the PWE screen. You can click that star and if you click it that means you favorited it and you’re ready to get a notification that says “Hey someone is selling legendary soil block for ____!”. The notifications thing can be a button in the home screen (Just like social, worlds account etc.). It could also be an item that you could buy in the shop for around 10,000. And it will be availible in pixelstation. That’s all i have to say about this update!

as a whole update in itself???

Well i don’t really know. It would be a deafineatly a small update if it came out. Maybe it would come out with an actual update (Like the best set update). I meant like it would give you a notification if somone visited an old wourld that you don’t care about anymore and maybe donated something.

yeah its a nice idea that could come out with an update because if that was the only thing in the update…

It’s a great idea but when it comes to battery drains and used up data, it’s a problem. Nice suggestion btw.