Finally got my dream item

well i want to get green laser sword when my first time i played this game.and now i got it!
(i buy from terminal not blueprint) has been not over a year and i got it!
i was shocked and i will tell you why i need this item
i love doing nethers and secret base so i want to get the weakness of the monsters and robots
next dream item!:

  • spreadfire
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What a sacrifice! I’m still low at getting WOTD (2/160PL)
Keep up the hard work ~

How much bc did u buy for one saber?

28k bc (20 characters)

My dream item Dark Sprite wings -_-

bruh i dont want to get a super duper expensive that was so expensive lol

Only 30-50pl xD (20 characters)

i already have like 300 of my dream item (ill let you guess what it is)

Soil? (20 characters)

buzz wrong answer…

Mostache of 300 Georges :joy:

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Oof… you overpaid. Green sabers are 85-90 now and you paid for 112WLS. But eh, at least you got your dream item.

well it said it was over 25k bc. but paid that much was too much :rofl: